In its continuing effort to improve campus security, Texas Tech University has undertaken the installation of a series of security cameras at undisclosed locations across campus that will assist authorities in ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Security cameras are being installed at strategic locations across campus, with a plan to install additional cameras in the near future. The effort is part of a larger security plan championed by President Lawrence Schovanec in conjunction with the Texas Tech Police Department and the Student Government Association.

“At Texas Tech, we constantly review all the practices in place that relate to ensuring a safe environment,” Schovanec said. “That means we should take advantage of all the technologies that are there. It’s part of the culture we want to create here so students would feel, as they go from building to building, as they cross this campus at night, that there are measures in place to ensure they can do that without feeling threatened or worried.”

The security cameras are part of a continuing initiative to increase automated campus safety, as recommended by a committee composed of Texas Tech officials and student representatives. Future measures to improve campus security also are being discussed.