Bringing the promise of IoT to fruition requires expertise outside the scope of most security professionals.


The addition of each connected device brings new possibilities for end users, while creating the need for security professionals to work closely with technology firms that can fully leverage the possibilities of IoT.


Partners must have long-term vision and strategy to design and implement solutions that will meet the needs of organizations today and still be relevant 25 years down the road.


IoT technology partners should understand the permanence of the built environment and the importance of selecting devices that are robust enough to stand the test of time.


Look for partners with experience in the IoT world that can provide examples of solutions and how they worked for others in similar environments. These partners can provide connections to important contacts who can share insights and strategies for implementing successful IoT solutions.


By building a community of partnerships, security professionals can stay ahead of the learning curve by gaining knowledge about where IoT is headed and how they can best utilize it to their advantage.


As connected devices become more relevant, facilities must work with trusted partners to identify devices that are easy to use, install and integrate with other systems.


Advanced skills and IT knowledge are required to integrate the IoT platform with security applications. Security professionals and end users will both look upon the guidance of their partners as experts at risk assessment, vertical market applications and using security technologies.


This great intersection of IT with physical security and all other building systems will also present a challenge for departments within an organization to work together and take a less siloed approach. The lines between security and IT departments are already blurred and will further disintegrate with the introduction of more IoT devices.


Working closely with internal and external partners will be imperative to the success of IoT solutions. At the onset of the IoT revolution, professionals in every industry must seek out technology partners to successfully guide them along this path full of new possibilities.


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