As a business owner, you have a never-ending to-do list, from hiring new employees to sending your first batch of quarterly numbers to board members. No matter how many items you have on your list, however, office security should rank among the highest priority items if you’ve yet to install any security features in your new office.

The good news is that securing your office doesn’t have to be time-consuming or pricey. Follow these expert tips to secure the office so you can focus on the things you care about most, like the business you’re busy running.


Upgrade Your Locks

Potential burglars will first attempt to access your office through the front doors and your pre-installed locks may not be enough to withstand a thief on a mission—armed with tools and a crowbar. Most standard doors come with a knob lock or lever-handle lock, neither of which serves as a strong first line of defense. If you want to protect your office from break-ins, switch to a mortise lock or a jimmy-proof deadbolt.

Remember to check with your property manager first, who may have rules or restrictions about modifying locks. They may even be willing to front the bill, as you’re purchasing something that betters the space and building.

Take it a step further and invest in a smart lock, instead. You can find keypad locks that require an access code or find a smart lock that’s compatible with your phone for remote locking and entry. The latter option may be ideal if you have forgetful employees who misplace their keys or often leave without locking the doors, which is a huge liability.  The best part, smart locks can’t be picked, giving your office full security.


Install an Alarm System

If your office is not already equipped with an alarm system, install one right away. Wireless alarm systems are a fantastic budget-friendly option, and you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes without a professional installer.

Most alarms come with motion detectors or sensors that you can place on your windows and doors. These will emit a loud sound that scares potential burglars away before entering. Most wireless systems also sync with your smartphone so you can keep an eye on things when you’re away from the office for an extended period of time or just home at night.


Security Cameras

Some wireless alarm systems include security cameras, but if yours doesn’t, you may want to add them to your security repertoire. “Video surveillance systems include several types of cameras that keep watch over a business, as well as digital video recorders that store all of the video for review,” explains Chad Brooks, Business News Daily Senior Writer.

Brooks continues, “Many systems not only let you check the videos from inside the business, but also give you the ability to check your video feed remotely via smartphones and tablets.”

In-office surveillance can catch thieves from both in and out of the office. If there are issues with missing office products or sexual harassment, a strategically placed camera can help you keep an eye on the issue and catch the perpetrator.


Use Security Lighting

Lights are a great addition to your security system. Thieves like to work in the dark, and when a building is secured with motion-activated lights, they have less opportunity to hide: “Lighting that is triggered by motion offers you a great chance to startle a burglar,” says David Artman, CEO of The Home Security Superstore. He continues, “If you’ve ever gotten caught in a motion-sensor floodlight, you’ve probably experienced that ‘deer in headlights’ feeling.”

Motion lights are a quick and easy way to scare a burglar, and in many cases, make him or her reconsider. You can find outdoor motion sensor lighting, solar lighting and LED options. No matter the size of your office or your budget, you can find an option that works for you.

Security is an important item on your to-do list and one that should be checked off first and foremost. Your budget, mission statement and business plan won’t do much good if your office is burglarized or vandalized. Added security will not only help employees feel safer in the workplace, but once everything’s in place, you can focus on turning your business into a success.