Woodbine Entertainment Group has installed an entry control system that provides high-security entry control at an affordable cost.

Around the turn of the century, Woodbine Entertainment Group was ahead of the curve. The largest operator of horse racing in Canada recognized that standard access control was not enough to protect the substantial liquid assets the organization routinely had on site. It moved to stop piggybacking and tailgating into the back office at Woodbine Racetrack by putting optical turnstiles in front of the two doorways off the lobby reception area. Any alarm on the turnstile would lock the door to block access, and the system worked pretty well.

Fifteen years later, the turnstile was failing, and the manufacturer was out of business so spare parts were not available. The security of the headquarters and speed of access was compromised as hundreds of workers, guests and contractors a day had to funnel through a single doorway.

“We needed an inexpensive solution that offers convenient worker access with the same type of security or better,” says Robin Soobramanie, CPP, Senior Manager, Security Operations at Woodbine. Woodbine has employees card in and card out so they have an occupancy count and know who is in the building at all times. “These days, with health and safety, it’s good to be able to tell the fire department in an evacuation situation what staff may still be in the building.” A troubling aspect of the existing turnstile solution was that employees had learned over the years to go through side-by-side when one forgot his/her badge. Improving employee accountability and occupancy intelligence was also desired.

Soobramanie’s team considered turnstiles, but the cost was too high. Soobramanie purchased Door Detective CL and put it on one of the lobby doors, which are also monitored by video surveillance. “We chose the CL because the longer profile means people can’t crawl under it,” says Soobramanie. “The installation and integration with our access control system was straight-forward and we had no issues.”

Door Detective CL mounts to the sides of the door frame and takes up less room than the former turnstile. The security team at Woodbine trained employees on the new system and received early responses of “it’s easy” and “it’s nice and colorful.”

To use the system, a user presents his badge to the reader and if he’s authenticated, the door unlocks. He enters and other workers can present their badges and follow through the door without it closing. “The change from the turnstile to Door Detective has taken time for some users to get used to it, but it has absolutely worked well,” says Soobramanie. “Tailgaters and unauthorized intruders are accurately alarmed.” Door Detective CL has status lights and a local alarm sounder to provide users feedback. Woodbine amplified the audible alarm to bring more attention to access violations.

Any alarms on Door Detective bring the attention of security to investigate, and recorded video can also be used for investigations. Security and accountability are enhanced in the fact that employees can’t collude and enter side-by-side any longer, and because Door Detective has direction control – enforcing authorization for only an entry or an exit – Woodbine can keep better count of building occupancy.


Wireless Lock Allows for Mobile Use

Schlage® NDE wireless locks with ENGAGE technology offers the option to migrate from mechanical hardware to a credential-based electronic solution with ease and is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors, and sensitive storage spaces. The NDE Series provides users with the ability to see who has access where and when, right at their fingertips when using the ENGAGE mobile application.  NDE wireless locks are designed to be easy to install, connect, manage and use. Utilizing standard ND cylindrical door prep, the NDE can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver – no need to drill holes, install additional components, or run wires to each opening.

Learn more at us.allegion.com


Allows for Easy Installation

1107xD & 1107xEDR from Dortronics Systems

The 1107xD maglock and the 1107xEDR delayed egress actuating maglock offer smart features in a slim configuration and at a competitive price. Both units deliver fail-safe operation, releasing instantly upon command or loss of power. The 1107xD is designed to fit narrow style header applications. Its 11/4inch depth reduces the need for angle mounting brackets and filler plates, lowering installation time and costs. The onboard concealed Door Position switch can be utilized to report door status to an access panel or door prop alarm. Both units feature a holding force of 600 pounds.

Find out more at www.dortronics.com


Streamlines Security Door Maintenance to Minimize Downtime

BoonConnect from Boon Edam Inc.

An update to the existing BoonConnect software tool will enable technicians to access a variety of door functions remotely to resolve issues faster and minimize downtime. The tool will be accessible via a Web browser, and is a standard feature for both the Tourlock security revolving door and the Circlelock security mantrap portal. The solution is used to troubleshoot, configure and access key door operational data, such as current door status, diagnostic tools and security mode settings. The updated version of the system is available through a secure connection from any device with a browser and an Internet connection, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone, which enables troubleshooting without needing to call a technician on-site.

Find out more at www.boonedam.us


Blends Advanced Wireless Access Control and Décor

ArchiTech Series Networx Locks from NAPCO Security Group

This access control solution offers customizable designer locking form factors in a variety of trims and finishes, pairing with advanced wireless access control on smartphones. This system and its iLock App are wirelessly linked together, each supplying stored encrypted data to provide secure keyless access. The platform uses universally compatible Bluetooth LE technology, so any smart device can be used with this system, and it can be done from a customizable range of up to 30 feet away. Enterprise security leaders can add an optional passcode, entered on the smartphone application, and digital eKeys can be emailed to guests or service people to provide temporary access.

Find out more at www.architechnetworx.com