Consumer electronics vendor VTech Holdings warned of a data breach that affects 5 million customers on its Learning Lodge app store database.Those affected include children as well as parents registered with VTech to obtain kid-friendly apps and educational content.

The breach occurred on Nov. 14, but VTech did not become aware of the attack until Nov. 24.

"Our customer database contains user profile information, including name, email address, password, secret question and answer for password retrieval, IP address, mailing address and download history," VTech officials said in a statement.

According to VTech officials, no credit card data, Social Security numbers or driver license numbers are included in the breached database. After becoming aware of the breach, VTech said that it performed an investigation and added measures to protect against future attacks. Part of those measures include the suspension of the Learning Lodge apps store as well as well as 13 affected VTech Websites.