The governor of Indiana announced more than $10 million in school security funds to be distributed to hundreds of schools and school corporations for threat assessments, installation of security systems or the hiring of school resource officers.

“I am thankful today to announce the newest distribution from the Secured School Grant Program for the safety of Indiana’s school children, and for those who teach, mentor and help them at school,” said Governor Pence. “The safety of our kids is our highest priority, and this grant program continues to be a valuable partnership between local schools and the state.”

This year’s funding comes from the account’s $3.5 million original allocation, $3.5 million from excess Indiana Department of Homeland Security admin funds, as announced by Governor Pence in early October, and more than $3 million in unspent and unallocated funds from previous years. These carryover funds continue to increase as grants from previous years go unused and the money is returned to the state.

This is the third time Secured School Safety grants have been awarded.

Of the awarded funding, nearly $5 million will be used to purchase equipment and more than $5.1 million will go to employ school resource officers.