Beginning in July, employees of the state of South Carolina will no longer be able to use social media while at work.

The rules are intended to instill public confidence in state government, reported The

The code of conduct will:

•  Bar employees from using state resources for their private business or financial gain.

•  Ban the use of social media on state equipment unless it is a part of the employee’s job. “Unless specifically required by the agency to perform a job function, you may not use social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while on duty or through the use of state resources or equipment,” the code says.

•  Restrict where state employees can work after they leave their state jobs. For example, a state employee could not participate in the process of awarding a state contract as part of their official responsibilities, quit the state and then accept a job with a person or company that won that contract.

The code of conduct does not lay out penalties for violations.

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