Life Safety Protocol from Elevaed Medical Inc.

As skyscrapers climb higher and higher, getting prompt medical attention to people in need can be a struggle for first responders. More treatments are available to provide prompt medical attention on site, but the key to these – AEDs for defibrillation, naloxone for opioid overdoses, etc – is early intervention. Response times from an EMS can often be too long for the treatment to matter. This life safety protocol utilizes security officers as emergency medical responders. The protocol begins when a high-rise resident or employee senses a life emergency and presses an icon on his or her cellphone or dials a “life safety number,” which sends a prepared SMS message or ringtone to a cellular or wall phone at the main security station. The officer on duty takes a door key and medical bag directly to the victim. For EMRs, 24-60 hours of training is required, with ongoing mentoring by a paramedic one day a week.

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