The House passed legislation to limit airline passenger security fees imposed by the TSA. 

Passed 423-0, the measure would only allow the TSA to charge $5.60 per one-way trip and $11.20 per round trip.

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), the bill's sponsor, said it was necessary because the TSA had misinterpreted the increase on airline security fees outlined by the 2013 budget agreement by charging more than twice the amount for round trips as for one-way trips, said The Hill.

"H.R. 5462 looks to correct this overreach and save American taxpayers from having to shell out millions of dollars in extra fees," Hudson said. "Reducing the burden on airline passengers benefits everyone — from helping families save money when taking a vacation to cutting costs for our small businesses whose employees travel for work."

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said the legislation would ensure that passengers pay reasonable fees for round trips, instead of more than twice the cost of a one-way trip, said The Hill. 

"Simply put, this straightforward, bipartisan legislation will ensure that passengers are no longer charged air transportation fees above and beyond what Congress envisioned and intended," Jackson Lee said.

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