Headlines continue to highlight data breaches, especially those compromising payment, banking and personal data. According to an ACI Worldwide survey, 44 percent of customer financial accounts have been compromised in recent breaches.

More than 15 percent of survey respondents indicated that those breaches put increased pressure on fraud operations, and 12 percent responded that they suffered a negative impact on their brand. Only 22 percent of respondents said they felt no direct impact from the breaches.

More than 75 percent of respondents reported that they are looking at additional fraud-fighting resources for their organizations, and of those, 50 percent said they are looking to invest in fraud detection technology, and more than 15 percent are investing in more training for their fraud management teams. Ten percent say they are adding new fraud-prevention personnel.

The silver lining to the breaches, according to the ACI report, is that although data breach-related fraud has had a negative impact on banks’ and financial institutions’ bottom lines, more than 40 percent of respondents indicated that their customers have appreciated the proactive outreach and response to market events, which helps to keep financial institutions on the right side of customer satisfaction, rebuilding brand trust.