Lawmakers in Brazil's House of Representatives and Senate are expected to vote in February on a law that criminalizes terrorism in Brazil. 

Sen. Romero Jucá, the bill's author, said that the bill would criminalize acts of terrorism and establish the punishments for those involved.

Currently, there’s no legislation covering this type of crime in Brazil. This situation is causing concern among the foreign delegations that will participate in the World Cup in June and July, as well as the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, said

The bill considers terrorism to be any act that causes terror or panic in society, by threatening or attempting to pose a threat to a person’s life, physical integrity, health or liberty, said

Under the new law, terrorism would be punishable without bail, with sentences ranging from 15 to 30 years in prison, or 24 to 30 years in cases involving fatalities, said

The punishments increase by a third in cases where the crimes are committed against Brazilian authorities or foreign heads of state and diplomats, or if they occur in areas with high concentrations of people or in public transportation, or if they involve the use of explosives or chemical weapons.

“This law is a gesture of concern for the safety of the delegations,” Jucá said. “Of course, a security system already is in place for major events. The law provides a supporting legal framework for this system. The World Cup or the Olympics Games aside, this is a piece of legislation that matches the importance that Brazil currently has on the world stage.”