Security forces in Libya are searching for heavily armed men who seized a truck carrying more than $50 million in cash in the city of Sirte, according to the state news agency LANA.

A group of 10 men intercepted the truck, which was carrying 53 million Libyan dinars (approximately $43 million) and another 12 million dinars (around $10 million) in Euros and U.S. dollars Monday evening, according to a CNN report.

The money shipment from the Central Bank of Libya was flown in from Tripoli and was in transit to the bank’s Sirte branch when the truck was intercepted at an intersection near the airport by the group, which carried small and medium-sized weapons.

Bank officials told LANA that the truck was escorted by only one security vehicle and the guards were not able to defend against the robbery. All commercial banks in the city were closed Tuesday in protest.