An East Haven, Ct. man who has filmed what he says are security gaps in security at a middle school has been arrested. 

Investigators charged Angelo Appi with breach of peace–not for what he did at Joseph Melillo Middle School but for comments he made on Facebook, said NBC Connecticut.

"I went to pick up my daughter today and wanted to prove a point that our School children are vulnerable," Appi wrote on his Facebook page. "I parked in the Fire Lane directly in front of the school so I can be seen. I hid my cell phone in my empty coffee cup and proceeded to the front door. Which was Wide open with no staff around."

The post continues on to describe Appi's entrance into the school building. He wrote that there were no security guards or cameras around to notice him, and said no administrators left the office to confront him after he walked in,  NBC Connecticut reported.

"No one is paying attention," Appi wrote. "The children in our schools are at risk. I can walk into any school in CT. Cameras and buzzers do nothing to protect our children. Especially doors that are wide open. I could of [sic] easily abducted a child."

The remarks alarmed parents, some of whom kept their kids out of school as a result, said  NBC Connecticut.

Appi stands by his actions and said he doesn't believe the blame should come down on him. "I don't think there was anything aggressive or anything like that," Appi said. "The only comment I made was be happy I came in there with a cell phone trying to expose the security flaws."