Storage has never been more important to businesses of all sizes and shapes than it is today. The strategic use of rapidly growing data to provide a basis for business operations, much less a competitive advantage, is the lifeblood of most successful businesses. This is especially true when it comes to cloud computing and hosted video. Data security, redundancy and the need to ensure high data availability are driving business utilization of the cloud for reliable, scalable and affordable data storage solutions.

Video data, which requires large amounts of storage, impacts how businesses approach managing and securing mass quantities of information. In certain industries, legal and regulatory requirements mandate that businesses maintain accurate and secure customer information – including surveillance video – for extensive periods of time. That makes increasing amounts of digital storage not only a need but a requirement.  Not surprisingly, many businesses are looking to the integration community to provide cloud solutions and other alternatives to make their daily operations more efficient in securing, sharing and optimizing information.

The economical and operational advantages of network storage-based video surveillance in tandem with cloud computing can present an ideal solution for businesses in a variety of industries.  The following overview provides a snapshot of network video surveillance storage, hosted video and cloud computing.


Hosted Video Surveillance Solution (HVSS) Approach

A hosted video surveillance solution (HVSS) is ideal for forward-thinking companies concerned about managing and securing growing amounts of video surveillance data because it leverages the advantages of the cloud. This approach minimizes an organization’s initial investment, using a scalable and flexible architecture with smaller monthly operating expenses. The ubiquity of browser-based video management solutions (VMS) ensures fast, efficient and reliable recording of video surveillance files to a network storage device. The result is a solution that is cost-effective for SMBs as well as larger entities.

For optimum cost savings without losing performance, capacity or security, an HVSS with cloud storage technology delivers what small businesses need now. Using a cloud storage service provider together with a network storage device and integrated VMS allows users to record and store high definition (HD) video locally while also providing economical access to standard resolution video data stored securely in the cloud. This reduces the overall onsite need for storage while providing a cost-effective backup that meets legal and industry requires and delivers peace-of-mind for the business. HVSS is compatible with leading IP cameras and video hosting systems.

Sample Installation: Small Retailer*

At a retailer based in a popular East Coast city, the owner recently installed a video surveillance solution featuring hosted cloud-based video storage and network cameras to giving him increased resolution and performance. Now, he can access footage in real-time as well as recorded surveillance video via a Web device. Network cameras stream live, full-frame-rate video to a computer in the back room. Surveillance video is also streamed to an off-site storage facility. The owners can view multiple live HDTV video feeds from different store areas on a single management webpage.

*Based on anecdotal information

Target Clients for Host Video Surveillance Solutions: Organizations with remote and branch offices, like retailers, bank branches, franchisees and other small businesses that do not have dedicated IT resources.

Client Description:

  • Fast-growing businesses planning to grow to 10 plus locations over the next year and a half.
  • Business owners typically handles IT and security, no dedicated IT or security staff.
  • Do not have a video surveillance solution in place but ready to get started.
  • Interested in implementing a cloud-based solution (may already use popular cloud-based services like Quicken Online and Google Docs).

Harness the Power of Cloud Services for Cost-Effective Storage Makes Good Business Sense

As the video surveillance storage landscape continues to merge with hosted video in the Cloud, more businesses will capitalize on the opportunity and advantage to have multiple copies of their security footage stored in separate places with easy access and at economical prices that meet their objectives for good business practices and any legal requirements. It is an exciting time to witness new storage approaches address the continuing growth of data by delivering reliable, flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective data storage, management and processing for a wide array of video surveillance deployments.