IBM announced IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data, a system that integrates security intelligence with big data analytics capabilities for both external cyber security threats and internal risk detection and prevention. 

Key capabilities of the new system include:

  • Real-time correlation and anomaly detection of diverse security and network data
  • High-speed querying of security intelligence data
  • Flexible big data analytics across structured and unstructured data – including security, email, social media, business process, transactional, device, and other data
  • Graphical front-end tool for visualizing and exploring big data
  • Forensics for deep visibility into network activity

IBM is tapping into several assets to deliver its solution. “Leveraging assets from across IBM, we are on a relentless push to expand the scope of our security intelligence capabilities for clients,” said Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM’s Security Systems Division, in a statement and published in eweek. “Our goal is to provide actionable insight into every bit of data, no matter where it resides across the network, and help clients learn from past activity to better secure the future.”