Businesses are putting their corporate security at risk, with one in three organizations (33 percent) allowing their staff unrestricted access to corporate resources from their personal smartphones.

A survey conducted by B2B International on behalf of Kaspersky Lab found that 38 percent of companies apply some kind of restriction on smartphone use, such as bans on access to certain network resources. About 19 percent have a complete ban on the use of mobile devices for work activities, but only 11 percent of businesses currently use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to ensure compliance with corporate security policies.

Despite many companies placing no restrictions on the use of personal devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), the survey showed that 34 percent of those surveyed think these devices present a significant threat to the business. 

David Emm, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab said: “BYOD is a tricky subject for organizations. Allowing employees the opportunity to use their own devices in the workplace can lead to enhanced productivity and creativity, but can also bring increased risk. Organizations should carefully weigh the benefits against the possible risks. Whether they opt for BYOD or not, businesses should look to manage and secure the use of these devices, enabling them to reap the benefits of BYOD without the security worry.”