Eleven people were shot Friday morning in front of the Empire State Building in New York, the New York Office of Emergency Management said.

According to a report from CNN, a suspect in the shooting was shot and killed by police. Authorities converged on the building around 9 a.m. after reports of gunfire.

As of 11 a.m., two victims are dead, including the alleged shooter. The shooting occurred when people were lining up to gain entry to the busy tourist destination.

At the moment, law enforcement officials are reporting that this shooting is not linked to terrorism.

A witness told CNN that the gunman ran after and shot a man in the head. That witness also told the reporter that an unarmed guard chased the gunman away. A later report notes that an elevator worker from inside the building ran outside and began chasing the alleged shooter, according to CNN producer Rose Acre. At some point, police inside the building were alerted and chased the alleged shooter. 

Police have closed off several streets around 5th Avenue and 34th Street in Manhattan.


As this is breaking news, Security will be updating this article throughout the day as news unfolds.