Contactless keycard

The hospitality industry is fighting to eliminate the issue of magstripe keycards being demagnetized by cell phones and other electronics, and many companies are solving the problem by switching over to RFID contactless locks. RFID cards can manage more than 30 sections of data, compared to magstripe’s three, and transfer it directly to the lock instead of an additional PC or device. This allows hotel staff to maximize security through integrated data auditing without having to go to the door in question to check the extra device. VingCard Elsafe, part of the ASSA ABLOY Group and installer of RFID locks in more than 500,000 properties worldwide, recently unveiled enhancements to its RFID locking technology, used in many hotels worldwide. The optimized internal antenna increases system speed by almost 50 percent and the ability to read keycards from twice as far.

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