Security audio and video

High-quality, two-way, fully synchronized audio is streamed and recorded alongside video and can now be searched using audio as well as video analytics to quickly locate incidents with Audio Forensics from IndigoVision. Audio Forensics let operators search recorded footage faster and more dynamically than just passively listening during playback. Identifying an incident that’s happened outside the camera’s field of view, such as a broken window or a shout, provides another way to find evidence. Incidents are located using an audio search filter and results displayed in a thumbnail timeline, allowing operators to search through hours of footage in seconds. Once an event is identified, simply ‘double-clicking’ the thumbnail will start video and audio playback from that point. Quality audio is important for applications such as law enforcement interviews. IndigoVision’s fully synchronized audio ensures perfect lip sync and its unique guarantee not to drop any audio or video frames means nothing is missed. This gives integrity to audio-video evidence since it is less susceptible to interpretation in court. Other uses of audio include intercoms, public help points, covert surveillance and message broadcast. IndigoVision’s Public Address (PA) capability lets you broadcast pre-recorded messages automatically on alarms.

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