Cyber warfare for government, military and business is well underway in the world, with US organizations under attack for both criminal gain and activist goals. The reality for most organizations is that they do not have the resources to defend their enterprises from infrastructure network to mobile devices and the all the applications in between. As a result, the large players -- IBM, HP and Cisco -- are following the EMC/RSA model and announcing new enterprise services to monitor their customers IT infrastructure through their threat or operations centers. Monitoring identifies common threats from the outside and addresses internal customer vulnerabilities, mitigating both.

These new services are cloud based, enabling vendors to play the role of “Big Sister” through strong situational awareness of their customers’ systems and enabling diagnostic analysis without the cost of on premise visits.

The second key trend at the show is giving customers tools to secure their organizations in the BYOD (bring your own device) world. As employees choose which devices they want to use from smart phones to tablets to laptops, enterprise security leaders are saying, “Yes” while developing compliance models and leveraging technology to securely allow those devices onto their networks.

AirWatch is the leading provider of mobile device management solutions for global customers. At RSA the company announced its comprehensive mobile security, device management and application management that are easy to implement and manage.

Security Innovation provides expert consulting and training to enterprise and integration companies developing security applications that prevent disparate security apps from having vulnerabilities and failing in the advent of an attack. John Kirkwood, CISO and Security Strategist at Security Innovation noted, “Organizations understand that they are the shepherd’s of customer information and their brand risk is directly associated with securing that information.”

 Many new partnerships are being announced at RSA this week. Gemalto announced its integration with Microsoft to give direct access control to Windows 8 and MS Server 2008. This eliminates the VPN and delivers single sign on to Outlook customers. “We are continually driving toward stronger authentication . Gemalto provides a bridge for physical and logical security access,” explained Ray Wizbowski, Vice President, Gemalto.