CAP Index Inc. president and COO, Jon D. Groussman, has called for a re-evaluation of how companies define, prevent and respond to workplace violence.

Speaking at the National Restaurant Association's Risk & Safety Managers 2012 Winter Meeting in Las Vegas, Groussman says that  "Workplace violence is not limited to the hi-consequence/low probability events that make the headlines once or twice a year. Workplace violence occurs every day, and comes in many forms. For example, it might involve disgruntled employees, displaced domestic violence, sexual harassment, 3rd party crimes or physical contact without injury."

Mr. Groussman said, "There are no simple solutions to workplace violence. The process of creating and implementing an effective security risk matrix takes time, involves the entire organization, and requires a data-driven approach to identifying risks and protecting the company's most important assets, which are its employees and customers."

Groussman is nationally recognized for advising private corporations and government entities on crime prevention strategies as well as post-incident response and analysis. He frequently provides expert forensic analysis in litigation charging negligent security.