The TSA has listed its top 10 "good catches" of 2011 during security checks at US airports. They include:

Top 10:
10) Snakes, turtles, and birds were found at Miami (MIA) and Los Angeles (LAX). 
9) A science project shut down a checkpoint at Omaha (OMA).
8) An artfully concealed non-metallic martial arts weapon called a “Tactical Spike” was found in the sock of a passenger at Pensacola (PNS) after being screened by a body scanner.
7) Inert landmines were found at Salt Lake City (SLC).
6) A stun gun disguised as a smart phone was found at Los Angeles (LAX).
5) A flare gun with seven flares was found in a passenger’s carry-on bag at Norfolk (ORF).
4) Two throwing knives  concealed in hollowed out bookwere found at Washington National (DCA). 
3) More than 1,200 firearms were discovered at TSA checkpoints across the nation in 2011. Many guns are found loaded with rounds in the chamber. Most passengers simply state they forgot they had a gun in their bag.
2) A loaded .380 pistol  was found strapped to passenger’s ankle with the body scanner at Detroit (DTW). 
1) Small chunks of C4 explosives were found in passenger’s checked luggage in Yuma (YUM).