Snakes, guns and a power saw? What were the most unusual items found at TSA security checkpoints last year?

The TSA has revealed its "Top Ten Most Unusual Finds" of 2019.

10. Three samurai swords of varying lengths at the San Jose International Airport

9. Flares at the Anchorage International Airport 

8. A two-for-one gun-switchblade found at Miami International Airport

7. An airbag, also found at Miami's airport.

6. A power saw at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport

5. Martial arts sais – metal piercing weapons with a central blade – at LaGuardia Airport in New York

4. A blow-dart gun at Orlando Melbourne International Airport

3. A 15-inch ring-necked snake at New Jersey’s Newark Airport.

2. A butcher knife, taken at Tri-Cities Airport in Tennessee.

And the top spot? It goes to: Juneau International Airport in Alaska, to the passenger who attempted to carry on a sack full of moose poop.