Despite a significant increase in telecommuting in the past decade, many employers still are using old risk management programs for these new exposures, which include workers compensation, employment practices liability and cyber liability risks.

A new white paper from Business Insurance examines in depth the risks associated with telecommuting and offers practical advice on how risk managers can get the exposures under control and shield their organizations from liability.

Particularly critical are changes that are taking place in workers comp as telecommuting revises the traditional “course and scope” of an employee's job into new areas. The white paper examines that trend, including the impact of recent case law, and gives employers best practices guidance and materials that will help them make needed changes to their risk management programs.

The white paper also explores the impact telecommuting is having on EPL exposures, including the ways social media and the isolation of home offices open the possibility of new types of discrimination and harassment claims.

In addition, home offices and remote work using laptop computers, smartphones and tablets significantly complicate cyber security and liability risk management efforts. The white paper explores these changing risks as well as what practical steps companies can take to manage them.

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