Risk management firm Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, released its annual Global Forecast report and Risk Maps that provide expert insight and analysis of various threats for 2021 for businesses and organizations seeking to protect their people and operations, no matter their location or circumstances.

The comprehensive intelligence across risk categories is compiled by  intelligence experts based around the world. Drawing from more than 20,000 sources in over 25 different languages, the team monitors and analyzes global developments and risks related to health, kidnapping, terrorism, environment, transportation and geopolitics. Crisis24’s analysis covers geographic regions including the Americas, Europe/CIS, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Africa.

The 2021 Global Risk Maps provides vital information for businesses and individuals on key travel risks including social and political conflict, natural disasters and health issues. It also highlights the six countries that are considered the hotspots for 2021 with accompanying analyses and color-coded maps providing security risk levels for more than 200 countries.

Key topics analyzed in the 2021 Global Forecast include:

  • The evolving situation in the Middle East, as Arab states are likely to normalize ties with Israel
  • The ever-changing dynamic between Russia and Turkey, and how it will affect the broader region
  • The economic challenges facing the UK following the BREXIT
  • The impact of a COVID-19 vaccine on organizations and travel
  • The recovery of the transportation industry after the pandemic 

The full Global Forecast and Risk Maps are available to Crisis24 and WorldAware clients. Other businesses and media may access the summary of the report's findings and map document by visiting: https://bit.ly/2Wcbp3i. If you're interested in access to the full report, please reach out to mara@abelcommunications.com.