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The Palm Beach County Health Department is a service organization responsible for the health of more than a million residents in Palm Beach County, Fla. It shares responsibility for primary care of the medically indigent population of the county with the private sector. The Department has served as a model agency for the State of Florida and many other states throughout the country. For more than 50 years it has led the way with innovative programs that include free immunizations for children and parental education in childcare. Additionally, the Department monitors and tests for potential epidemics, and conducts land, air and water monitoring.

Construction of the new PBCHD Administration Building was completed in late 2009. The new building, which is located in downtown West Palm Beach, includes more than 80 doors, 5 elevators and an RFID Gate Entry System. When specifying the access control system, PBCHD required that the system must integrate with its CCTV, badging, visitor management and intrusion detection systems, and must be compatible with all existing security equipment. As the security integrator for the project, Protect Video, Inc. of Boynton Beach selected RS2 Technologies of Munster, Indiana, and its patented Access It!® Universal software because of its ability to meet all the integration and compatibility requirements and to provide additional innovative features such as interactive maps. The installation also includes a live monitoring station where onsite security personnel can monitor both the CCTV and access control systems to ensure a safe environment for both staff and customers.

Healthcare is a significant market for RS2. In addition to PBHCD, RS2 access control systems can be found in hospitals and medical facilities in North Carolina, California, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and several other states.

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