The metal detecting wands are staying, but the Green Bay Packers are retooling their stadium entrance security by adding more lines and more police officers.

After fans experienced significant delays at the Oct. 2 game against the Denver Broncos, the team and the Green Bay Police Department re-evaluated their approach and worked to expedite the security process, which changed from upper body pat-downs to full-body sweeps with a metal detector as part of a league-wide security push, says a Green Bay Press-Gazette report.

Doug Collins, Packers director of security, said in the report that the Packers will cover the cost of the additional security presence.

The Packers are not the only organization to experience delays with the new security measures, Collins said, but he believes the new measures will maintain safety while improving efficiency if they get some assistance from the fans, said the report.

"The world is changing, the security in the NLF is changing. We just need the help of the fans to assist us in making their way to the gates a little earlier than they had in the past," he said.