ONVIF will host an open networking breakfast on Tuesday, September 20 as part of the upcoming ASIS 2011 conference in Orlando. Attendees at the event will hear an update about ONVIF's recent progress in the standardization space and news about the group's growth in membership and conformant products.

"Manufacturers and consultants have overwhelmingly chosen ONVIF as the method for standardization of IP-based physical security products," said Jonas Andersson, Chairman of ONVIF's Steering Committee. "We look forward to continuing that momentum and offering systems integrators and end users additional freedom of choice and ease of installation in their current and future security systems."

With a planned expansion of its specification to include physical access control systems, slated for release later this year, ONVIF is focused on the ultimate goal of providing a global open network interface standard for physical IP-based security equipment. The ONVIF Core Specification 2.0, which encompasses video storage, display devices, video analytics and other areas, was released in late 2010.

More information about ONVIF conformant products, including the vendors and the conformant models, is available on ONVIF's website: www.onvif.org .