Two new "narco mantas" that were left in Juárez and Chihuahua City on Wednesday repeated previous threats against U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and U.S. Consulate employees.

Someone named "Diego" signed the banners that warned DEA agents who work in Chihuahua state to stop meddling or risk being killed and dismembered, says an El Paso Times report.

Diego is believed to be the nickname for Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, an alleged Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel capo who is wanted by U.S. authorities in connection with the 2010 shooting attacks in Juárez that killed three people with ties to the U.S. Consulate in that city, the report says.

This is the second such warning in recent weeks that cartel operatives have communicated through large banners placed at busy streets or intersections. says the report..

U.S. Consulate officials in Juárez said Wednesday that the consulate remains open for services.

They recommend that U.S. citizens who travel to Juárez check for travel warnings and information at