Gary Hall will join Wells Financial Holdings Limited in March 2011 and will be responsible for supervising the firm’s different business units, the company announced.

Hall has nearly three decades of financial and brokerage industry experience and almost half of these years were devoted to a risk management position. Prior to joining Wells Financial Holdings Limited, he served as one of the Senior Vice Presidents and at the same time Financial Advisor of one of a distinguished financial and asset management firm in United States.

“With all the financial turmoil that the market has gone through for the last few years, we have decided to hire an expert to oversee our present market standing. Although, we recognized our financial and management growth for the past decades, we also recognized the needs to enhance our risk management system and capabilities,” said Mr. Kevin Chung, the CEO and President of the Wells Financial Holdings Limited. “The inclusion of Mr. Gary Hall to the entire operational risk management is another remarkable milestone for us as we are very confident that our financial foundation will be more strengthened and will gain the trust of our traders and investors again. We believe in his broad knowledge and experience in finance and risk management in the financial and brokerage industry.”