Police in Sierra Madre, Calif. have identified 380 victims of credit or debit card fraud at a local gas station with losses exceeding $109,000.

Authorities were seeking more scam victims at EVG Quality Gas, which suddenly shut down after Christmas. Within days, hundreds of people found their credit or debit cards had been used without their authorization.

“The fraudulent charges arising from credit and debit cards used at the EVG station are showing up both as EVG charges and charges to other retail establishments, both in California and out of state," said Police Chief Marilyn Diaz. "Anyone who has used a credit or debit card at EVG in the past 12 months should report any fraudulent charges to Sierra Madre police.”

Police said 75% of the victims are residents of the foothill community who had used cards at the station since July. Investigators are seeking to question station owner Evgeny K. Yakimenko, who has not been seen since the station closed.

Diaz said the credit and debit cards were skimmed using an electronic device that snags account information. In some cases, the victim's card information was used to charge purchases; in other instances, cloned cards were created to make retail purchases elsewhere or to withdraw money from bank accounts.