How will the shootings at a Tucson supermarket this past weekend affect tonight's BCS Championship game at the University of Phoenix Stadium?

Andrew Bagnato, the director of public relations for the BCS national championship, said law enforcement officials would meet to discuss security around the game, which is 120 miles away from the Tucson incident.

Bagnato said the shooting would be discussed at the meeting, which was previously scheduled, but he would not comment on the potential for added security around University of Phoenix Stadium. Security has appeared light in recent days around the site of the game, which is expected to draw more than 73,000 people in the venue and thousands of more outside. Bagnato said that several municipalities are involved in providing security around the game.

In addition, plans are being implemented to remember the victims of the shooting at the game. Duane Woods, chairman of the Fiesta Bowl board of directors, which is overseeing the BCS game, told USA Today that a remembrance for the six people killed and a tribute to those wounded in the shootings were being worked into the game's ceremonies.