A man who held a school board at gunpoint on Tuesday and then began randomly firing had circled the date on a calendar found in his mobile home, evidence he had been planning the attack for some time, an AP report said.

The shooting at the Bay District, Fla. board meeting was not "a spur of the moment thing," Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten told the AP.

Video of Tuesday's meeting show Duke complaining about taxes and his wife being fired by the district.

Duke shot twice at School Superintendent Husfelt from about eight feet away and squeezed off several more rounds before district security chief Mike Jones, a former police officer, bolted in. Police said the pair exchanged at least 14 shots, with Jones hitting Duke four times, felling him. Duke then shot himself fatally in the head. Police said he had at least 25 more rounds of ammunition.

Duke's wife said that that her husband "didn't want anyone to get hurt but himself." Rebecca Duke, who called Clay Duke a "gentle giant," said he was trying to stand up for her after she lost her job as a special education teacher in 2008.