Change in corporate leadership, a lack of leadership buy-in or support of security programs, and difficulty showing the value of security programs are the three issues that security and risk professionals believe pose the biggest threats to their jobs, according to a recent survey conducted by the Security Executive Council.
The survey, conducted in August, asked both the Council's Tier 1 Security Leader™ members and its community at large the question, “What in your organization is putting your continued employment at greatest risk?” It generated one of the highest response rates of any Security Barometer poll the Council has run.
Eighteen percent of respondents identified corporate leadership changes as the biggest risk to their continued employment, and another 18 percent marked lack of management buy-in to the security program. Sixteen percent chose difficulty demonstrating value, and security program failure accounted for another 11 percent.
Overall the results demonstrate that security and risk management executives face a diversity of challenges that are capable of threatening their employment. These risks are largely determined by each organization's perception of the need for security and its unique culture, or what the Council calls “organizational readiness” toward security. Thoughtful and visionary leaders will recognize the need for an honest assessment of management’s expectations and their security organization's ability to adapt.
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