An airline passenger claims he was allowed to take more than 200 fireworks on two flights in the United States. Paul Jones, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, said he flew across from Kansas to Houston and back to the UK with a bag of bangers and a lighter, says a BBC report.
The report says that Jones had been visiting Wichita, Kansas, during Fourth of July celebrations and was left with the bag of fireworks. Deciding to take them home to Greater Manchester, he did not consider the security implications. "I put them in my pocket, walked through then put them on a grey tray at the customs and security. They had to go through the x-ray," he said. It was when Jones arrived back at Heathrow earlier in August that his prohibited goods were discovered by UK staff, says the report.
A spokesperson for Continental Airlines, the airline Jones flew with, said security screening of passengers was the responsibility of the TSA. "However, our airport agents are trained to respond immediately they become aware of any security breach," they added.
A spokesman from the TSA said they were investigating the incident and examining airport security video footage in relation to the claims.