The Redlands Unified School District in California comprises 23 elementary, middle and high schools. In 2007, the District upgraded and expanded the use of video surveillance to improve security for students, staff and visitors.

Redlands High School was the first location targeted for a new video surveillance system. David Massaro, coordinator of technology services, says, “We looked at a lot of different products, but what really caught my eye was the multi-megapixel camera technology. We evaluated several major IP camera manufacturers and we liked the 1.3 megapixel models from IQinVision.”

Through late 2009, two Redlands District high schools have deployed more than 100 IQeye HD megapixel cameras. Initially, the District installed 18 IQeye501s at Redlands High School. The original 18-camera system was deemed a success, and it laid the groundwork for another installation at Citrus Valley High School.

At the newly-built Citrus Valley location, the District installed 53 IQeye Sentinels for exterior surveillance and 36 IQeye Alliance Domes to monitor administrative offices, the library, hallways and the security offices. The IQeye’s high-quality images and superior functionality have aided security staff in solving and preventing infractions. The IP video surveillance system with IQeye forensic detail images acts as a security force multiplier by enabling monitoring staff to quickly identify a potential incident, zoom in to get accurate information and direct officers to where they are needed.