When England’s National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) re-
cently set out to modernize its forensics laboratory and training facility, Harperley Hall, it wanted to create the most technologically advanced forensics facility in the world. And when it needed the most advanced video system for security and training, they turned to IP video technology.
For Harperley Hall, the NPIA required design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new security video system. Project integrator AJAR-tec proposed an IP-based video system with megapixel cameras and network video recorder (NVR) package with integrated motion detection. The use of motion detection allows optimum use of hard disk storage and nuisance alarm minimization as the system records when a motion detection alarm is activated. As a non-linear device, the events immediately prior and post the alarm activation would also be recorded.
To make the system work, AJAR-tec depended on American Dynamics’ Video Edge enterprise NVR, an IP-centric solution. The main security system includes 19 internal and external cameras. Megapixel technology allows the end-user to zoom in on any playback images to review incidents in detail and reduce the overall quantity of cameras required, reducing costs and power consumption.
All internal cameras are Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled, which reduces requirements on the mechanical and electrical specification and costs. This feature also provides total flexibility to add or relocate cameras. The external cameras are a mix of fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) units. The external cameras were provided under another part of the build contract with a part of the AJAR-tec requirement, necessitating the integration of these cameras into the IP system. This was achieved using an Axis blade IP server, which fully integrated the analog video and control signals into the NVR system.
Upon finishing the installation, Tim Arnold, lead design architect for the NPIA said, “We are delighted with the solutions provided. The individual systems are effective and efficient; as a whole they add unbeatable value to our overall facilities and a center we believe is now an exemplar in its field worldwide.”