Dubai has become famous for having the biggest and best of everything and the new World’s Tallest building, the Burj Dubai, is nearing completion at a staggering 160+ stories.  At its base, the Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops and 16,000 car park spaces.
CitySync ANPR Technology was selected after a testing period where multiple vendors were invited to install a sample system. The winning system had to read the plates of all seven of the United Arab of Emirates states and be able to differentiate them properly. 
This 240-lane ANPR project was installed by partner Bond Communications of Dubai. The CitySync Carfinder System allows a vehicle number plate to be entered onto a variety of user terminals across the mall and the system tells the vehicle owner where he has parked.
The system will also be used for security purposes as well as for retail marketing analyses, such as calculating vehicle flows and average dwell time on site.