The Italian city of Palermo will be installing a wireless security system that includes over 650 cameras.


Villa sofia-cto, the Italian port city of Palermo’s main hospital, consists of three main buildings located on a single site. Being a port city located on the island of Sicily, Palermo gets a lot of visitors, including tourists and port workers. In order to protect the healthcare facility, a 650+ camera security video system will provide the latest surveillance technology, helping the hospital protect staff, patients, visitors and valuable assets. 
The IP video system will be installed on dedicated networks in each of the three main buildings. Each building will be interconnected using a wireless LAN. This will allow the hospital security team to monitor all 650 cameras, from all three sites, using a single central control room.
Compression technology ensures that full frame rate high-quality digital video, from all the cameras, can be streamed 24/7 across the network with minimal impact on bandwidth – an important factor when using wireless networks. The system is being supplied by local partner Bettini Srl and installed by CEPIE, in partnership with the design consultant Studio Diblasi di Palermo.
Using the control center, workstation operators will be able to view recorded video from any NVR, no matter where they are located. The distributed nature of IP video removes the single point of failure associated with an analog video matrix and DVR system. If an NVR fails, video can be automatically re-directed to another NVR and as they are distributed, the system is inherently fault-tolerant.
Real-time motion detection analytics will be used to trigger alarms when people or vehicles enter unauthorized areas. The alarms can then be used to automatically trigger events, such as displaying a pre-defined salvo of cameras or panning and zooming a camera to a preset location.