While physical and logical security applications have converged across IP networks, the cyber threat has quickly emerged as a priority for customers and an opportunity for integrators. The ISC West keynote, delivered by LT. General Kenneth Minihan (ret.), former Director of The NSA and DISA, and current Chairman of venture capital firm Paladin Partners was outstanding. The General discussed the convergence of physical and virtual security. He highlighted that global theft of corporate IP (intellectual property) approaching 1 trillion (with a “T”) dollars annually. The General ended his presentation by saying, “Make no mistake about it. We are in a competition for our future.” He mentioned the “folks on the floor” (vendors at ISC West) do not understand the cyber threat. I had a chance to speak with the General following his presentation, and suffice to say, he thinks the cyber issue will change the thinking of ISC West vendors and attendees as soon as next year. The FBI shares this concern and has established e-crime as its top priority after global terrorism. The trend is your friend.


You might think this does not impact your customers, think again. A Verizon Business cyber study (RSA 2009) stated that 30 percent of third party suppliers have stolen confidential data from their partners! Global supply chains are only as strong as the weakest link, and aside from criminals, intellectual property must be protected from some internal employees and suppliers. If you don’t address cyber security (IP protection) your customers will find someone who will. It is a natural extension of protecting the business.

Many SMB customers do not have full time security staff and will look toward trusted integrators to assist protecting their cyber assets. An innovative integrator will see these business signposts and prepare for a revenue opportunity. On the RSA security show floor I ran into, one interesting company that may represent a viable option to migrate into the cyber arena.

MARSHAL8e6, is headquartered in Orange, Ca. with offices worldwide. They currently have 20,000 customers, managing Web and e-mail access for more than 16 million end-users in 96 countries. MARSHAL8e6 is a mid sized company that utilizes a real-time global monitoring capability called TRACElabs (Threat Research and Content Engineering) to provide cyber threat intelligence to protect their customers against everything from inappropriate content and malware attacks.

The good news is these services are part of a deliverable through their integrator partners. The installation is quick and the support services appear very competent. This is one example of a potential partner who can provide expertise in the cyber area. These solutions can be leveraged to provide an integrated physical and virtual deliverable to your customers. The integrator not only expands its presence in the account, but also gets a “cyber” education in a market segment that is taking off quickly and promises to be a priority for the next decade. It is a phased migration into the cyber world.


The White House will soon approve up to $30 billion for cyber security initiatives. Commercial and private university markets will follow the lead. Everyone is susceptible to online criminals – kids, employees, defense contractors as well as state, local and federal government agencies. This market is exploding and security integrators need to get in this fight, sooner, not later. To quote General Minihan, “We are facing the most serious economic and national security challenge of the 21st Century”. Follow the Money - protect physical and virtual assets.