1. Will my total cost of ownership be higher or lower with IP video (versus analog cameras)?
  2. Can I use my existing corporate network for IP video?
  3. Can I reduce the number of required cameras (and cost) by using megapixel cameras?
  4. Will the system be interoperable with multiple camera vendors?
  5. How can I add storage to the video system in the future?
  6. How will the video management system be integrated with my legacy access control system?
  7. Can I use a single video management system for both my existing analog cameras and additional IP cameras?
  8. Do I need to replace my legacy matrix switch when I migrate to IP video?
  9. I can’t afford down-time. Is the system fault tolerant?
  10. My security system has many constituents and users: police, security, management etc. How do I manage access to the system?