Anticipate a year of stress and better prioritizing, contends Mike Cummings, director of loss prevention services for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wis., and president of ASIS International.

“The ripple impact from the macro economic climate, unless it reverses quickly, will provide the greatest overall challenges to security. The combination of potential impacts to the operating and capital budgets combined with the expected increase in criminal activity, both internal and external, will stretch our resources and creativity to the maximum.

“At the same time that resources are dropping, I see a greater percentage of people who will, out of need or stress, decide that theft in all forms is a viable option. The overall stress of the economy will also create workplace and family tensions that will undoubtedly manifest as behavioral issues in the workplace, including workplace violence.

“Security professionals will need to prioritize the challenges they encounter, wisely use resources and, where possible, identify additional resources or best practices to maximize the resources they have, all while keeping their own head above water,” advised Cummings.