Security officers and supervisors were the primary purpose of Ron Minion, who established the International Foundation for Protection Officers.

There are just a few people that make a great impact on their industry.


One of them is Ron Minion, who died this spring. Of course, I’ll miss him. A tough Canadian with a heart of gold, Ron accomplished much with his business but also leaves a legacy richer, deeper and more true than most others in our profession. That’s because he had a clear vision and followed it with personal encouragement, grit and determination.


His vision turned into the International Foundation for Protection Officers. It is without a doubt the top organization offering training and a brighter future for the thousands of security officers who work, react, sweat and toil everyday.


Ron Minion started his career in security in 1965 when he established a security company, Base-Fort Security Group, a one-man operation which grew to become the largest private security company in . He sold Base-Fort in 1985 and established a private security training institute that became the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). He returned to the private contract security business with Academy Protection Service Ltd.

McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit includes a child-safe fingerprint ink to instantly create a child’s personal identity profile. Enterprises and their security departments have embraced the kit.

Emphasis on Professional Careers

He saw his most significant accomplishment resulted from having the opportunity to employ thousands of line security officers and supervisors. He has enhanced their motivation by making them understand the depth and potential of opportunities within the private security industry. Many answered the call and have since been rewarded through a gradual, steady enhancement of their professional careers.


He took pride in their accomplishments as well as having helped them become successful security leaders.

In 2006, when Security Magazine named Ron one of the 25 Most Influential Executives, he told me, “When I began my career in private security in 1965, security officers were earning about $1.50 per hour. The need for professional development within the security industry was much talked about, but not delivered often enough.

“Today, not too much is different. In both the human and electronic driven protection program, there are security companies who care about quality and focus on their customers getting a product that can provide the needed level of protection. But, there are still companies in security seeking the ‘fast-buck,’ with little regard for the level of protection resulting from their service or supplies. Being in business only for the ‘fast-buck’ is never good, but it is not tolerable when it comes to protecting life and property.”


No doubt, I’ll miss Ron Minion, who used to pop up at ASIS International events. But, in the short and long run, there is no one compared to Ron.


He not only saw a value in security officers but a way to provide cost-effective training to extend these good folks’ careers.


Ron, thank you.


Another Security Magazine Most Influential is McGruff.


The program, with a connection to security departments and major enterprises through the National Crime Prevention Council, has a McGruff Safe Kids activity including a child fingerprint and identification kit. These kits have been acclaimed by police departments, sheriffs’ offices, businesses, military installations and educators as significant safety educational materials that are useful for every American family. Over the years, sponsors of McGruff Safe Kids community events have used these safety kits to tie-in to the 28-year-old McGruff the Crime Dog icon.

A Security Program

The updated safety kits, available at, include: McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit (includes child identification kit and fingerprint ink), McGruff Internet Safety Kit, McGruff Safe Kids Halloween Kit and McGruff Safer Seniors Kit.  McGruff Safe Kids President Kurt Boerner stated, “While some people try to make the streets safe for kids, these McGruff safety kits teach kids how to be safe on the streets.  Today, new rules apply to keeping our kids safe and these McGruff Safety Kits provide those necessary tools.”


The safety kits, led by the McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit containing fingerprint ink, have become classics in the realm of business and community-wide child safety and protection programs.  These unique kits serve as an invaluable promotion of safety and community goodwill due to their association with ’s greatest crime fighting icon – McGruff – who enjoys a 94 percent recognition rate among adults and children.