today announced the launch of The Employment Screening Journal; a new magazine that will help hiring managers, human resource and security professionals gain important insights about effective tools, technology, emerging practices and legal issues to enhance their screening practices. With the talent wars heating up The Employment Screening Journal will be a valuable tool in helping firms to select the best talent and avoid making bad hires.

According to’s President, W. Barry Nixon, “ In today’s tumultuous times Businesses have a greater need to know whom they are hiring more so than ever before with employee fraud, internal and identity theft at all time highs, the US government relentlessly focused on reducing the hiring of illegal immigrants, more than 40% of applicants misrepresenting information on their resumes, diploma mills continuing to flourish and fear of [workplace violence] and/or terrorism persisting. There has never been a greater need for a reliable source of information to assist businesses in selecting the right talent and avoid hiring the wrong people.”

The Employment Screening Journal will fill a void that exist currently despite there being numerous magazines focused on Human Resource Management. Popular publications such as HR Magazine, Workforce, Security Management, Security Magazine frequently touch upon the subject of employment screening with an article here or there, however, The Employment Screening Journal will exclusively focus on this subject and give it comprehensive coverage. This inaugural issue of The Employment Screening Journal features another first, a 2008-09 Background Screening Industry Buyers Guide. With Background Screening being the #1 one outsourced human resource service and with more than 70% of businesses outsourcing this activity they now have a source to go to find a professional background screening firm to meet their needs. is the premier provider of information on the background screening industry. It’s web site hosts the most comprehensive source of background screening firms on the Internet specifically design to make it easy for businesses to fine a screening firm. The publisher, W. Barry Nixon, SPHR, President, is a recognize expert on background screening and recently co-authored the book – Background Screening & Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from HR and Security Perspectives.