Adventuring or working in remote areas is not without risk, as every year people are lost, stranded or injured without a means of informing others of their location and status. The SPOT Personal Tracker-Satellite Messenger is a 4x3 inch lifesaving transmitter designed to improve personal safety for the millions of people who spend time outdoors. SPOT uses the GPS network to track a customer’s exact location and the SPOT Satellite System to transmit vital map position and status messages to the call center. With the push of a button from locations around the world, SPOT service informs your selected contacts how you are doing (OK/need help/in trouble), shows exactly where you are, displays your progress on Google Maps and summons first-responders in an emergency. This device can also provide back-up communication during natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wild fires, or simply provide peace of mind for friends and family when traveling or working beyond the reach of cellular phones.

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