Seeking efficiency, One and Nineteen Avondale brought in a system integrator to bring high technology security to a complex dedicated to green building design. Access control controllers were evaluated for their energy use.

Here’s a twist, a building owner wanted an electronic access control system but one that uses energy more efficiently.

That was the unique RFP at a new Toronto condominium complex, One and Nineteen Avondale, which provides residents the latest upscale amenities. It’s one of the first complexes in that city to not just conserve energy but actually generate it through renewable sources. The residence incorporates many innovative design elements, from green building design to high-tech security.


The condominium developer hired system integrator Baghai Digital to select and deploy an access control system that would offer tight security controls, allow for future scalability and would use electricity most efficiently. Additionally, the developer wanted a versatile system that would allow them to assign different levels of access throughout the building.

The new access control system allows for role-based access so that different individuals can access different areas based on their identity.


Baghai Digital chose Kantech EntraPass (Tyco Fire & Security) access control software and door readers. This system allows for role-based access so that different individuals can access different areas based on their identity. Each resident is assigned an individual access card to grant him or her access to the facility. Each resident simply swipes the access card to gain entry to various buildings, elevators, facility amenities and the garage. If a resident moves, the card can be automatically disabled within minutes without having to retrieve the physical card.

“We went with this access control system because of the high level of security in its proprietary access format,” said Sean Baghai. “The system’s inherent scalability also provided benefits during the condo construction. We were able to get the first building up and running and as we progressed, added controllers one at a time,” Baghai said. “It was very easy.”


One and Nineteen Avondale encompasses two buildings that share an underground parking space. Using the new access system, Baghai was able to tie together security for the two buildings. “The advantage of our design was that we utilized one access control system (since the garage entry is common to both buildings) while maintaining separate access levels for individual unit owners. For example, owners of one building cannot access the facilities/amenities of the other. The complex now has a level of security throughout its buildings and in underground garage that is unsurpassed,” Baghai said.