The Israeli Air Force has implemented a software system, which helps manage control room operators, field personnel and officers collectively.

The Israeli Air Force now has a holistic approach to optimizing situation planning, response and analysis. The Orsus Situator, a software platform to unify management, has an open architecture that enables the Israeli Air Force to manage the workflow between control room operators, field personnel and officers in both routine and emergency situations.

In addition, the system converges more than a dozen different and disparate security systems, such as sensors, video analytics, surveillance systems, alarm panels and GPS enabled vehicles, into a single view with the ability to operate these systems in a uniform manner.

Said Gilad Chitayat, director of sales at Orsus, who has been involved with the Israeli Air Force project since its inception, “Thanks to Situator, the Israeli Air Force control rooms today are entirely paperless and the chances for human error have decreased due to the automated operational procedures mechanism.”

In the previous installations at the Israeli Air Force, the system has reduced training time for control room operators by 50 percent and decreased the operational costs of activities related to guards and patrols. With its advanced training, simulation and debriefing tools, the Israeli Air Force now has the ability to conduct complex drills in an efficient manner while continuously improving its level of preparedness.