The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) recently notified a number of news organizations that it has yet to take a position on the hot-button political issue of DP World’s purchase of P&O Ports. However, before DP World decided to sell its U.S. assets, AAPA posted fact sheets to help clear up any misunderstandings concerning potential threats to security posed by the Dubai-based company’s acquisition of American ports.

The White House came under criticism last February from both parties over the ports’ sale to the United Arab Emirates-controlled company, particularly over security-related issues such as how and where container content information and other paperwork were to be kept.

“AAPA has not taken a position on the transaction, but in consultation with our leadership, we felt that it was important to provide a fact sheet to help correct some of the incorrect information and misperceptions that have arisen in the context of this issue,” said Aaron Ellis, the association’s communications director.

To read the fact sheets and talking points, or to obtain any other information concerning port security, contact Ellis at