Zandar Technologies, Dublin, Ireland, has upgraded its video surveillance and monitoring system for a Central Florida water utility. Although the majority of the surveillance system was installed in 2003 by local company SiteSecure Inc., Zandar and SiteSecure teamed up again to update the system, providing full network access for the operators and a custom user interface based on Zandar’s new Z-Configurator control software.

The Central Florida utility had some demanding requirements from the offset. Seeking cost-effective alternatives to increase security, improve response and reduce down time, the utility wanted a security video system that enabled the plant to record, but also monitor live, in real-time, 125 to 150 cameras simultaneously. SiteSecure developed the solution using Zandar FusionPro MultiViewers and six high definition DLP rear projection systems projected onto a single 75” x 281” custom screen.

Installed throughout the county, the camera images are routed over a circular self-correcting 1GB fiber network to decoders located at the command and control facility. Signals are then distributed to a matrix switcher that distributes video and control data to DVRs and the MultiViewers. The complete system can be controlled over a LAN and the operators have the ability to assign various, distinctive border colors and other camera identification colors to segment the overall display and highlight specific cameras and views.

“We are able to monitor up to 150 cameras images by incorporating six Zandar FusionPro MultiViewers, each displaying 25 cameras in a five-by-five format,” said the Irish company’s CEO, Deirdre Smith.