Today there is virtually no reason why you and your security staff should not be carrying a dependable, powerful personal flashlight on the keychain. These personal lights are surprisingly small in size, low in price, remarkably reliable and spectacularly bright.

Fresh technology has undoubtedly invaded the world of personal flashlights with a vengeance. Thanks to the marriage of light-emitting diode (LED) lights and lithium batteries, it is not uncommon for small personal lights to have a “bulb” use of 100,000 hours, with a shelf life of up to 10 years.

It is significant to point out that these quality personal flashlights are definitely not toys or novelties. They are, rather, professional tools common to many of our nation’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, private security officers as well as other vital public safety personnel.

With its newfound promise, the role and function of the personal flashlight have extensively expanded. I like to call these modern mini illumination wonders “personal safety, security and convenience lights.”

Products Reviewed

Here are details of six selected personal keychain flashlights.


1For the last two years, I have carried the ASP, Appleton, Wis., Sapphire light clipped to my keychain. This inventive, American-made LED light has become my “all-the-time” personal light. Now, ASP has a new, advanced version of the Sapphire called the Elite. What makes the Elite different is that it features a replaceable battery pack and is programmable to offer constant on, constant blink or even a SOS blink for emergencies.


2A personal LED flashlight is the Inova Microlight of North Kingstown, R.I. It features an impact- and water-resistant case with an easy-to-use clip, a momentary on and a constant on/off switch and nighttime signal visibility of about a mile, with a burn time of up to 15 hours.


3The ARC LED light, Tempe, Ariz. is an American-made personal flashlight that uses a high quality LED in conjunction with an AAA battery – a solid combination for a personal flashlight.


4Streamlight of Eagleville, Pa., has come out with the cool-looking KeyMate. This small light offers the power and long life of an LED and easily attaches to a keychain to help with security officer illumination needs.


5One of the pioneers in the field of personal LED flashlights has to be the Photon Micro of Eugene, Ore. This light comes in a variety of LED colors and is approximately the size of a quarter, yet is bright enough to be visible for about one mile at night.

66Another personal flashlight is CMG Sonic from CMG Equipment, Chicago. It operates on a single AAA battery to generate a bright, reliable LED produced light that fits on your keychain.

For more information on these personal lighting products:

ASP Sapphire Light –

Inova Microlight –

ARC Flashlight –

Streamlight KeyMate –

Photon Micro –

CMG Sonic –

These are a few of the personal flashlights available. Some are made of aircraft aluminum; others are made of high-impact plastic. Their LED lights come in practically all colors. It seems like a new model of these handy personal flashlights arrives on the market almost every week or so. Do your homework and find the proper personal flashlight that best fits you and your staff’s individual needs.

Final Thoughts

I always carry a high quality personal flashlight.

Why not consider issuing one to each of your security staff? While it will not replace a traditional flashlight carried on a duty belt or installed in a patrol vehicle, it will help provide supplemental lighting when needed.

You and your staff will discover never-ending uses for the personal LED light. Whether to simply locate a keyhole at night, read a road map, provide illumination during a blackout or to signal for assistance, staff members will be delighted to use one of these modern lighting marvels.

Security personnel live in a day and age that demands anticipating the unanticipated. You never know when your quality personal flashlight might become indispensable. Whether for safety, security or convenience, I believe you will agree that today’s personal LED lights are a necessity for security professionals.